Blake Rave's 'Love Is Love': A Soulful Ode to Equality and Self-Discovery

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Monday, May 29, 2023 at 12:05am UTC

In a heartfelt musical endeavor, Blake Rave unveils his newest single, "Love Is Love," delving into the profound nature of love across its diverse spectrum. This deeply personal track not only showcases Rave's artistic evolution but also reflects his transformative journey from a traditional Midwestern town to the pulsating music hub of London.

As a young artist in a restrictive environment, music served as Rave's avenue for self-expression. Relocating to London has only amplified this, giving him a platform in a city known for its appreciation of diversity and its robust support for the arts.

In "Love Is Love," Blake reflects on his personal journey and his desire for openness in his relationships. As Blake shared, "I'm at a point in my life where I want to live unapologetically... and quite frankly, I want to be with someone who is in that same space." His lyrics, particularly the line "Will you take me by the hand when the whole world's watching?" echo this sentiment, indicating his readiness for a relationship that isn't hidden from the world.

Continuing his advocacy, Blake commits all proceeds from "Love Is Love" to Stonewall, a charity that staunchly advocates for LGBTQ+ rights. His choice reflects his commitment to championing equality and acceptance through his music.

Blake Rave's "Love Is Love" is a compelling exploration of love, openness, and acceptance. Experience it today, and join Blake in his support for equality and love in all forms.

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Release ID: 626581

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